A World of Differences Comenius Multilateral Project 2008-10

Welcome to A World of Differences

This web holds the activities carried out under the European Comenius Project "A World of Differences". The schools in our partnership are:

 Christian-von-Bomhard,Uffenheim, Germany

 Kossuth Lajos School,Tiszafüred, Hungary

 IES Blas Infante, Córdoba, Spain

 GAP Anadolu Lisesi, Şanlıurfa, Turkey

 Yarborough School, Lincoln, United Kingdom

By this project we will:

Get to know the cultural differences and the common aspects of the different school communities involved, carrying out studies and artistic intercultural products that show the richness of all the cultural expressions, the integration of all of them and the common aspects and values. Use the ICT tools to carry out common products and exchange the ones made in each school to be used by the others. Promote the communication and understanding among the schools communities and the societies of the different countries.